ZAMBEZY™ Sharepoint Extranet Solution – The New Way to Collaborate

Revolutionise the way your employees and authorized third parties collaborate with ZAMBEZY™ – the leading Microsoft Sharepoint extranet solution. ZAMBEZY™ is a true out-of- the-box extranet, coming pre-tested, pre-configured and at a fixed price.

ZAMBEZY™ springs from ten years’ experience implementing bespoke extranets for clients wanting technology to revolve around their needs and not the other way around. You get the certainty of our complete, refined, intelligent solution, while avoiding the eye-watering budget, ever-extending deadlines, and daily headaches of a custom-built extranet.

Our expert team can implement ZAMBEZY™ within your organization in only a few weeks and that team will be always available to you for ongoing, attentive support. We’re dedicated to your success.

Collaboration reimagined

ZAMBEZY™ functionality includes instant files collaboration, fast search, internal / external project communication and key information display. Your staff can retrieve any information or document, at any time, from any device.

ZAMBEZY™ elevates workplace collaboration to an art. Imagine all components of your organisation working seamlessly together, as well as an open door to the authorised third parties with which you want to work, wherever they may be.
ZAMBEZY™ drives up interconnection and drives down waste.

The human feel.

Employees and authorized third parties will be captivated by the sleek, intuitive, intelligent ZAMBEZY™ user interface. We know how important simplicity and ease is for driving user adoption.

Complete integration

ZAMBEZY™ leverages the power of Microsoft Sharepoint and is fully integrated with the full suite of Microsoft products including Microsoft Office, Office 365, Skype for Business, Power BI, Exchange, OneNote and Business Process Management Platforms.

ZAMBEZY™ is brought to you by a dedicated Australian software team that wanted the lessons of extranets past to save money, time, and stress for present customers.

ZAMBEZY™ – The complete Sharepoint extranet solution. Reimagine what collaboration means to you, today.