“How would I know? I just work here.”

By October 18, 2017Uncategorized

So goes the classic office joke. Unfortunately, a recent Gallup study indicates that there’s a little too much truth in this one for comfort.

Almost 70% of Gallup survey respondents described themselves as being disengaged at work. The same study determined that this disengagement costs the economy billions every year.

The reality seems to be that too many employees feel isolated from anything outside their immediate team. The organisation’s goals, its successes and failures, and what distant colleagues do all day remains unclear. Whether an employee’s contribution is even noticed isn’t any clearer. The workplace which should be an attractive landscape of people, projects and possibilities, instead appears anonymous and irrelevant.

Such an environment only exacerbates today’s key management challenges of retaining talent and promoting collaboration across diverse, multi-generational workforces. Many collaboration solutions promise the world but only deliver a lengthy (and costly) journey to an atlas.

We at ZAMBEZY™, however, provide a very different experience. The accelerated deployment of our proven collaboration solution delivers real business value at a fraction of the time and the cost of a traditional portal project.

A Digital Workplace Portal is a valuable tool for engaging employees and creating a dynamic, inspired organisation. Key features of our solution include:

  • a home page dedicated to company-wide communication.
  • community and team-based pages for specific initiatives.
  • social pages to connect those with similar interests.
  • blogs, chats, announcements and follow people functionality to drive conversations and fresh thinking.
  • a staff directory to facilitate introductions and collaboration.

The good news is, with the rate of employee engagement in the economy so low, digital workplace adopters will enjoy a great advantage as some of the relative few greener pastures for employees.

A well-implemented digital workplace can quickly help turn an organisation into a community – a place where people feel recognised, needed and valued. And in today’s atomised society, that’s what people want most of all.