ZAMBEZY™ – The Leading Fast Sharepoint Solution

Create a thriving, interconnected workplace in minimal time with ZAMBEZY™ – a fast Sharepoint solution for growing businesses. Our team can have ZAMBEZY™ deployed within your business in weeks, at a fraction of the cost and hassle of a corporate portal built from scratch. Accelerated timeframe, accelerated results.

The intelligent way to manage an intelligent workforce.

ZAMBEZY™ provides your employees with powerful productivity tools, allows instant information dissemination and promotes collaboration across teams, departments and time zones. Your staff has access to any information or document, at any time, from any device.

One team. No barriers.

ZAMBEZY™ functionality includes instant files collaboration, fast search, internal / external project communication and key information display. ZAMBEZY™ allows employees to work smarter and faster, spurring a culture of innovation and inspiration within your business.

Designed by humans for humans.

ZAMBEZY™ boasts a sleek, intuitive, intelligent user interface. We’ve kept it simple to gain immediate traction with your employees.

Staff who know each other well, work together well.

ZAMBEZY™ promotes a vibrant, interactive work culture driven by newsletters, event calendars, photo sharing and staff directories.

Full integration, no surprises.

ZAMBEZY™ leverages the power of Microsoft Sharepoint and is fully integrated with the full suite of Microsoft products including Microsoft Office, Office 365, Skype for Business, Power BI, Exchange, OneNote and Business Process Management Platforms.

We’ve got you.

ZAMBEZY™ is pre-configured for best practice with options for some customisation. Our team will install it for you and then provide attentive, ongoing support.

ZAMBEZY™ is built by an innovative Australian research and development team on a mission to allow the even the biggest, most dispersed organisation work with the ease and intimacy of a small team. Your workforce’s full potential – realised.

ZAMBEZY™ – The leading fast Sharepoint solution. Build a river of innovation through your business.