ZAMBEZY™ – A Decade of Expertise in Developing ECM Solutions

ZAMBEZY™ boasts ten years’ experience developing superior ECM solutions. Our complete solution is an out-of- the-box corporate portal, with electronic content management at its heart. ZAMBEZY™ ECM allows you to capture, store and retrieve documents and content, safely and securely.

ZAMBEZY™ ECM functionality includes:

  • providing a single-source- of-truth to allow dynamic workplace collaboration.
  • version control to ensure all eyes are on the right page.
  • record of change to track growth in thinking and direction.
  • smooth workflow to get what to whom, when, correctly.
  • document restriction so sensitive information is seen only by the necessary people at the necessary time.
  • instant access to information or documents at any time, from any device.

ZAMBEZY™ functionality also includes fast search, internal / external project communication, key information display and incisive analytics that deliver a crystal clear image of your operations.

ZAMBEZY™ also promotes a vibrant, interactive work culture driven by newsletters, blogs, chat, event calendars, photo sharing and staff directories.

ZAMBEZY™ comes pre-built and pre-configured, the complete coding-free and stress-free corporate portal solution at a fixed cost. Our expert team can have ZAMBEZY™ deployed within your business in weeks, ensuring it is optimized for your unique circumstances – your own corporate portal at a fraction of the cost and hassle of a bespoke solution.

ZAMBEZY™ greets people with a sleek, intuitive, intelligent user interface. We’ve kept it simple to please your employees.

Full integration, team Microsoft.

ZAMBEZY™ springboards off Microsoft Sharepoint and is fully integrated with the entire Microsoft solution range.

We’re your kind of people.

ZAMBEZY™ is delivered by an innovative Australian research and development team committed that believes technology should free employees to perform rather than restrict them. Your people’s full potential – realised.

ZAMBEZY™ – The ECM solutions developer that offers so much more. Discover the possibilities today.