ZAMBEZY™ – The Leader in Cloud Intranet Solutions

At ZAMBEZY™, we understand what organisations seeking cloud intranet solutions want – a fast, reliable, cost-effective solution with no headaches. That’s why we developed ZAMBEZY™ – the superior out-of- the-box cloud intranet solution. ZAMBEZY™ is the culmination of our years of experience custom-building cloud intranet solutions. It’s crafted with all our lessons learned, so you can reap the benefits, cheaply, reliably and immediately.

Our expert team can have ZAMBEZY™ deployed within your business in weeks, working with you to ensure it is optimized for your unique needs. You get all the benefits of a bespoke cloud intranet, with none of the complications, ever-extending deadlines or the ballooning financial outlay.

Intelligence included.

ZAMBEZY™ functionality includes instant files collaboration, fast search, internal / external project communication, key information display and analytics. Your staff has any information or document at their fingertips, whenever, from whichever device.

ZAMBEZY™ facilitates the free, natural flow of information and ideas in even the largest business. Innovation becomes second nature and the potential of your workforce can finally be fully realised.

Your people are our people.

ZAMBEZY™ captivates users with a sleek, intuitive, intelligent user interface. We want it to be the trusted hub of their working day, the first and last place they go.

Full integration, full confidence.

ZAMBEZY™ leverages the power of Microsoft Sharepoint and achieves full integration with the full suite of Microsoft products including Microsoft Office, Office 365, Skype for Business, Power BI, Exchange, OneNote and Business Process Management Platforms.

ZAMBEZY™ is built by a dedicated Australian technology team that believes in learning from experience and not in reinventing the wheel every time an organisation wants to embark on a cloud intranet project. The lessons have been learned, and we’re committed to using them to save you money, time and stress.

ZAMBEZY™ – the leading developer of cloud intranet solutions.