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ZAMBEZY™ is the out-of-the-box corporate portal driving
collaboration and productivity in your workplace.


Make SharePoint sing with ZAMBEZY™

ZAMBEZY™ offers an immersive, empowering digital workplace experience.
It feels good to work smarter.


Ready, Set, Go

Our team can have ZAMBEZY™
fully deployed and set to
supercharge your workplace
communication and governance
in a matter of weeks.
Up for the challenge?



ZAMBEZY™ springs from ten years of successful
professional experience and painstaking work.
This is the complete solution. We've got you.


Be One Team

ZAMBEZY™ transforms teamwork with instant files collaboration, fast search,
internal / external project and social communication and key information display.

ZAMBEZY™ offers an accelerated path to productivity gain and smarter collaboration.

Our innovative SharePoint Accelerator also reduces implementation time and costs by a significant 75%.

This intelligently designed application provides greater user adoption, controlled flexibility and delivers a pre-templated and comprehensive solution fit for today’s market.

Now You Can Do More With Less

Leverage your Microsoft Investment

ZAMBEZY™ complements the powerful SharePoint platform and the entire Microsoft productivity suite, making it a seamless enterprise solution.

With SharePoint’s renewed purpose to empower employees to share work, information and ideas within their organisations, you can expect:

  • A Powerful, fast file sharing and collaboration on any device, at any time.
  • A mobile and intelligent intranet solution
  • Security, privacy and compliance control
crosoft Productivity Investment
SharePoint 0365
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint 2013
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